Leading Lines

Leading Lines are the lines in a picture that lead the viewer’s eye to either the subject or through the picture. My picture expresses leading lines because your eyes follow the curve of the building and the lines of the window panes.

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4 Responses to Leading Lines

  1. amityleary says:

    Shaina Colon this picture is perfect in every way. I LOVE it!

  2. i think this is a very good picture, the way you angled it from the way you were standing really made it look a lot nicer and more photographic, good job

  3. vereckhang says:

    This is a cool picture and example of leading lines because like you said, the lines on top of the windows curve with the allyway and building.

  4. Haha thank you Amity!!
    And thanks Molly and Vereck. =)

    (This is one of my favorites so far from my collection.)

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