Other People’s Brilliant Portraits

This portrait is awesome, not just because it is the amazing Johnny Depp, but because of the lighting. The sun catches your attention just as much as Mr. Depp does. The fact that he’s looking away and his arm comes out towards you makes it much more interesting as well. And it follows the rule of thirds between him and the glass bottles on the table.

This photo is all about the composition. Her arms being stretched out behind her give the photo a very elegant tone. Her fair skin and pale shirt add to the elegance, while her dark hair and expression add contrast by showing strength.

The subject here is a silhouette, which gets it some cool points right off the bat. The sun shining through the girl’s hair makes it even more awesome looking. It’s also more interesting since she’s standing sideways and it follows the rule of thirds.

And the Cool Points go to: This guy’s ridiculous facial hair. The orange, green, and tan colors also make it more interesting. The shadow of the hat covering his eyes and the fact that his gaze is focused out at you gives it a more mysterious feel.

This photo uses my favorite setting: a low aperture. It makes the girl stand out a lot more. Her gaze is focused elsewhere; almost seems like she might be looking at a bird. That also makes it less boring.

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2 Responses to Other People’s Brilliant Portraits

  1. Sam says:

    Who is the photographer of the Johnny Depp photo??

  2. I actually don’t know… Found it on a random google search haha.

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