Beautiful animals in a beautiful moment. I adore this photo. Keeping it black and white makes the statement even more dramatic.

All three of the photos above use lighting and shadowing to the fullest, and the lack of color makes it more intense. It’s like the shadows and smoke each make their own statement.


The three photos here use people and the natural environment to create well thought out compositions. Leading lines are in each of them. The top photo being in black and white makes me feel like the two girls are the best of friends and always go on adventures together. The second photo makes the woods look like they are very deep and scary, yet they’ve seen a lot and are still wise. The last photo plays tricks on your eyes. If you look at it one way, the broken pieces in front look close and small. When you make your eyes “step back”, it can look like they’re really big and the shot is an arial view from high up.

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