Other People’s Brilliant Portraits

This portrait is awesome, not just because it is the amazing Johnny Depp, but because of the lighting. The sun catches your attention just as much as Mr. Depp does. The fact that he’s looking away and his arm comes out towards you makes it much more interesting as well. And it follows the rule of thirds between him and the glass bottles on the table.

This photo is all about the composition. Her arms being stretched out behind her give the photo a very elegant tone. Her fair skin and pale shirt add to the elegance, while her dark hair and expression add contrast by showing strength.

The subject here is a silhouette, which gets it some cool points right off the bat. The sun shining through the girl’s hair makes it even more awesome looking. It’s also more interesting since she’s standing sideways and it follows the rule of thirds.

And the Cool Points go to: This guy’s ridiculous facial hair. The orange, green, and tan colors also make it more interesting. The shadow of the hat covering his eyes and the fact that his gaze is focused out at you gives it a more mysterious feel.

This photo uses my favorite setting: a low aperture. It makes the girl stand out a lot more. Her gaze is focused elsewhere; almost seems like she might be looking at a bird. That also makes it less boring.

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Interesting Angles


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Photoshop Tricks

From Green Eye to Ginger Eye

The Rubber Stamp Effect

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Nigel Barker

A Photo By Nigel Barker:

Nigel Barker is a famous photographer of fashion models. He is known for his work on the tv show, “America’s Next Top Model”. He was born in London and was supposed to study medicine. But, he ended up getting himself into a modeling career for about 10 years. From there, he went on with his love for fashion and became a photographer. As you can see above, he can take some pretty amazing pictures. Hence why he’s famous. =)

And here are my attempts at his style:

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Light Graffitti


To get photos like these, the camera has to be set on TV mode. The shutter speed is set very low so that the motion of the light, in this case glow sticks, can be captured separately. We had ours set to 10 seconds. Of course, you have to be in a dark room. The only light should be coming from the glow sticks, or whatever your small light source may be. Editing on photoshop makes the final images look fantastic. You can adjust the levels and the contrast to make the colors really pop, while cropping enhances the composition.


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Stained Glass

Getting good pictures of stained glass windows right away is hard to do when you’re standing on the floor, since they’re so much taller than you. Editing on photoshop helps a lot by using transform, distort, and rulers. By setting up your rulers and transforming, you can rotate the picture along the lines to make sure it’s straight. Distort allows you to get rid of that tilted back look that happens with tall subjects. You can bring forward the top corners and make it all leveled out and nice. And, as always, contrast levels can be raised to make the colors really pop.

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This picture was edited with photoshop. I made the picture be on a grayscale, which eliminates all of the color of the picture for good. I also gave it a higher contrast level for a more dramatic difference between the blacks and the whites.

This picture was edited to be in sepia tone. It makes the picture look like it’s kind of old, so I thought it’d be cool to have an old statue downtown be my subject. The contrast levels are high here as well.

To create this effect on a picture with photoshop, many steps have to be taken involving layers and silhouetting. I thought it would be cool to keep the red fire hydrant and red car in color  while the rest was black and white to make it very dramatic. I also used a text box to give the picture the “colour” caption it has.

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Texture ~ Color ~ Value

Texture – The cobblestones show lots of texture in this photo. You can tell that the stones would be hard and cold.



Color – There is a high level of color and contrast in this photo between the flowers and the leaves. 


Value – High contrast between the light and the shadows on the statues.

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